Brunswick Music Festival Security

The Brunswick Music Festival is one of the most important music events in Melbourne.  This year, it was held from the 3rd until the 17th March, and included a number of international and local artists.

A festival that prioritises sustainability, accessibility and inclusion attracts a large number of music lovers from all over Melbourne and beyond.  As such, a quality security solution is important.  The Corporate Image Security Specialists team was happy to help create a safe environment for festival-goers to enjoy the events.

With a huge lineup and multiple acts performing at any given time, the crowds in the area were mobile as well as ready to party!  With efficient crowd control measures in place, they were able to enjoy the shows.

An event this huge has to begin with a risk and threat assessment, followed by consultation to create a complete security solution.

By taking their responsibility seriously and ensuring public and performer safety, the organisers helped keep their permit outlook positive for future festivals.

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Brunswick Music Festival Crowd Control