Club Security

One of the most important aspects to consider when running a club is security. In order for everyone to have a good time, we all need to feel safe! That’s why, when selecting security services, careful consideration needs to be made.

Corporate Image Security Services have over 20 years experience providing the highest level of security for Melbourne’s club scene. We have carefully crafted an image for ourselves as friendly and highly professional security personnel who will provide a sense of safety to your venue. While we aim to be kind, understanding and sophisticated, we also strive to always be in control. 

Club Security

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for club venues to quickly turn from an enjoyable and exciting environment to one of danger. A club usually provides a positive environment whereby people can let go, enjoy music and forget about their lives for a while. However, for tired people, fuelled by alcohol and energy drinks and running on adrenaline, a simple sideways glance or nudge can bring about anger and violence.

That’s why we ensure our security team is trained to detect and mitigate trouble before it erupts. They are always on the lookout for signs of brewing aggression so it can be nipped in the bud.

While we aim to provide this firm sense of control, we also make sure our security team’s image and conduct is far away from a stereotypical club ‘bouncer.’ Our ideal situation is that our team are trusted and relied upon by everyone in the club to keep them safe.

We can also help with crowd control, asset protection, as well as simply keeping things organised and tidy. 

At CISS, we have strong recommendations from some of Melbourne’s top clubs, all of who value our service and praise the professionalism and positive attitude of our team. We hope we can work together with other club owners to spread our style of professional, firm and friendly security management all across Melbourne.