Grand Final Night in Melbourne – undoubtedly one of the busiest nights of the year in this wonderful city.  There are lots of excited people ready to either celebrate or commiserate, and that can require an increase in security.

Young & Jacksons Hotel held a Grand Final event for those who wanted to keep the footy spirit alive. The managers knew they would need more crowd control to ensure that everyone could enjoy the night safely.

Grand Final Night Security
Grand Final Night Crowd Control

As a venue owner or manager, you may have your security needs under control, but sometimes the regular solution is not quite enough.

When you are planning a large event in-house, extra measures should be taken, especially when the event itself may be higher risk due to elevated levels for both emotions and alcohol consumption!

Corporate Image Security Specialists can work with your venue management to undertake a risk and threat assessment, then work out the best solution for the day or night.

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