Hoodoo Gurus Concert – Event Security

Event security is paramount when you want to keep crowds or guests under control, and the event safe for everyone to enjoy.

Everybody is there to have a good time. It shouldn’t be marred by a few unruly people. Hiring event security is the way to ensure all are safe and able to enjoy the event, whatever it may be.

Corporate Image Security Specialists were recently the professional security for the Hoodoo Gurus gig at Doncaster Shopping Centre. Take a look at the clip below to see how we managed a safe and fun environment for both the crowd and the Hoodoo Gurus!

Crowd control

Depending on your needs, security services come in many forms. Event security is a popular one and not just for big star-studded events. We take care of crowd control for concerts, sporting events, community functions, political rallies, festivals and private parties. We recently coordinated security for 80s hit rockers Hoodoo Gurus, providing robust protection for the band, and a watchful eye over 1000 attendees. With over 20 years of experience, we’re not just your usual bouncers. We are an elite and professional company boasting high level security guards.

Risk and threat assessment

If you believe you are in danger, we can determine the credibility and seriousness of the potential threat. From there, we establish whether a threat will become a reality. From there, for your peace of mind, we can provide you with…

Personal protection

It’s not always large crowds that need to be kept safe. We also provide specially trained close personal protection officers, or bodyguards. VIP’s, dignitaries, business people, celebrities and other high-profile individuals benefit from this service immensely. After the initial risk and threat assessment comes site-visits, scheduling and debriefing.

Asset protection

Sometimes protection is needed for something not so human. Important documents or pieces of property, as well as cyber assets that need to be kept out of the wrong hands.

Static security

It’s the most common form of security and barely noticeable. Static security guards take a post at banks, government buildings and hospitals. And they patrol housing estates, shopping centres, industrial areas or construction sites. The main purpose of the static guard is to ensure unauthorised people do not enter restricted areas, check credentials or allay potential disputes.

Whatever your reason, we’ve got your security needs covered. To discuss further, contact Corporate Image Security Specialists today.