The Pier St Party Security Services Kept the Event in Safe Hands


Great music, good food, awesome vibe and The Pier Street Party Security Services – Corporate Image Security Specialists – were there to ensure the event went off without a hitch.


A Frankston favourite, this street fest boasted great musical talent and a sell-out crowd. Fortunately, The Pier Street Party Security Services had the experience and resources to keep the affair safe and secure without compromising on the revelry.

CI Security - Peir Street Party Security Services

After a successful debut event, The Pelly Bar decided to dish up another musical feast with their second Pier St Party. An epic street festival bringing in an awesome lineup of food trucks and pop up bars to Frankston gig lovers. The Pier Street Party Security Services, Corporate Image Security Specialists , were contracted to keep it ticking along smoothly with all the fun, minus the drama.

With awesome bands including Rackett, Jesswar, Gyroscope, The Getaway Plan and Art vs Science it didn’t take long to get the party started. Dance, Rock and Hip Hop were the order of the day. Sydney band, the Thundamentals, headlined the entertainment to the crowd’s delight and this became one summer festival to remember.

The event attracted a huge crowd which had to be managed in an outdoor, public street space to ensure safety and control. With any big event, it’s vital that control and security is professional and expertly coordinated. While safety is paramount, it’s also essential that crowd management and security is carried out in a manner than does not impact on the enjoyment and atmosphere of an event.

CI Security - Peir Street Party Security Services Frankston

The Pier St Party was a fantastic occasion showcasing some of Australia’s best musical talent on the Davey St outdoor stage in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. With over 20 years experience in the security industry, the team at Corporate Image Security Specialists were pleased to be able to contribute into making the festival a smooth and safe success.

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