Hot Rods and Rockabilly! Sandown Park Hotel Security 2016


In 2016 the Big Bad Wolf social club held a celebration of all things auto and rockabilly at the Sandown Park Hotel. The day was one to show-off and check out other people’s amazing rides, enjoy some great music and connect with like-minded lovers of cool cars and good tunes. Corporate Image Security Specialists were there on the day as part of the event and hotel security.

Ci Security - Sandown Park Hotel Security
Ci Security - Sandown Park Hotel Security
We were hired as security to ensure that the event stayed fun, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. With a team of some of our most experienced and professional guards on board, we firmly believed we were up for the job.

Thankfully, due to our team’s expert security management skills, the event went off without a hitch! We felt very lucky to be able to attend such a fantastic event, and with many of our employees being car fans themselves, we even had a bit of fun!

We worked exhaustively throughout the day to ensure every need was met. Our guards are friendly and kind, and are always looking to help to make sure each event is the safest it can be. Our guards are also extremely fit, highly-trained and always maintain a sense of control and authority, ensuring that anyone looking to make trouble is dissuaded before doing so.

The day itself made for a very nice time! The Big Bad Wolf Social Club put on a magnificent show displaying the best of their world. Car enthusiasts rejoiced at the sight of the jaw-dropping collection of rare models, with an array of colourful hot rods and muscle cars being a particular highlight. It was also a treat for fans of George Lucas’s 1973 film American Graffiti, with a yellow ‘32 Ford as well as a classic American cop car on display.

Ci Security - Sandown Park Hotel Security Services
Ci Security - Sandown Park Hotel Security

This, plus the upbeat and grooving rockabilly music provided by a lineup of talented local artists confirmed in our minds that the then young Big Bad Wolf Social Club was only going to get bigger!

Ci Security were honored to be able to provide the security to such an exciting and awesome event! It was pleasing to hear that, thanks to the talents of our security team, everything went smoothly and the event was considered a great success. We look forward to guaranteeing the safety of everyone at more events like this in the future and working with Big Bad Wolf Social Club again.

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