Shannon Noel’s Tour Security

In 2017 we received one of our most exciting and important jobs to date – security for Shannon Noel’s 2017 Tour. We were humbled and honoured to be able to help and protect such a talented individual and ensure the safety and enjoyment of his fans.

Security is an essential aspect of any well-organised and successful tour. Neglecting it could mean serious trouble and risk the reputation of the artist and the safety of everyone involved. We sincerely believed that Shannon Noel’s management company did well to put aside the funds and time to search for and use our security service.

The tour was a fantastic experience! Everyone involved was kind, professional and helpful, making our jobs a lot easier! Mr. Noel was likewise a great man to work with, who, despite fame and reputation, had a very down-to-Earth and humble personality.

Shannon Noel’s Tour Security

Handling crowds, especially excited and energetic ones, is a difficult task. It takes only a small spark of panic or over-excitement for everything to go wrong. That’s why we specifically train our security guards in this delicate field, so, no matter what happens, they already have the knowledge to deal with it. 

Our security personnel are highly experienced professionals who have the capabilities to protect while performing constant threat assessments. We aim to appear neat, dignified, welcoming and kind while still presenting an aura of authority and control. We don’t employ thugs who want to hurt people. Our team genuinely want to help, look-after and ensure the enjoyment of all.

Fortunately for us, Shannon Noel and his crew were very aware of their surroundings and his fans were polite, helpful and calm. Because of this, we had control at all times and no safety threats were detected. However, even at a highly-publicised tour with plenty of friendly people such as this, we never let our guard down and were always over-cautious and ready to act at the drop of a hat.

Our team will never forget the honour of working with such an amazing man. We hope that our successes during his tour demonstrate the quality of our security-management and that we will be able to work with more celebrities in the future. 


Shannon Noel’s Tour Security